Agile Practices and Patterns for the Whole Organisation

This is a partial repertoire of patterns and practices from the Lean-Agile community that can inspire teams, departments, business units and whole organisations in running their own experiments to learn, adapt and evolve their own ways of working and to find out what really works for them.

The practices and patterns listed here are a subset of all the practices and patterns available, and there are many more uncodified or not publicly available that are shared in local communities through public events (meetups, conferences) and direct collaboration. This gives you an idea of the richness and continuous innovation in the lean-agile community.

These practices and patterns are not final solutions, nor necessary starting points. They are inspirations. That may also lead to a completely novel practice. A signature of good lean-agile teams and organisations is the ability to create novel practices that fit their own circumstances.

A set of coarse-grained practices and pattern relevant at the organisation level.

A set of medium-grained practices and pattern relevant at the business unit or department level.

A set of fine-grained practices and pattern relevant at the product and delivery initiative level.

Common misunderstandings that are frequently misunderstood for new good ideas.

# Thanks to the contributors

We want to acknowledge their contributions and the gift of their time, energy and wisdom. Our heartfelt thanks to:

- Thoralf J Klatt - Deal Latchana - Carlo Beschi - Noel Warnell - Mike Burrows - Johanna Rothman - Steve Tendon - Chris Combe