Common Agile Anti-Patterns

Common misunderstandings that are frequently confused with new good ideas.

As such, each anti-pattern on this list is an opportunity to get a deeper and better understanding of good Agile.

- Agile Playbook; instead see Wiki Over Playbook - Agile Centre of Excellence; instead see Decentralised Excellence Over Centre of Excellence - Agile Maturity Model; instead see Self-Assessment Over Maturity Model - North Star; instead see Flashlight Over North Star - Canned solutions and standard recipes; instead see Ideas Over Solutions - Roadmap; instead see Options Over Roadmap - Agile Transformation team or Agile Coaches team; instead see Agile Coaches Federation Over Agile Transformation Team - Agile Transformation; instead see Agile Adoption Over Agile Transformation - Imposition; instead see Invitation Over Imposition - Agile Theatre; instead see Masterful Practice Over Agile Theatre

To summarise the common anti-patterns of bad Agile adoptions and transformations belong to one of these 7 categories: **Centralisation, Imposition, Imitation, Standardisation, Planification, Commoditization, and Pretending**.

Some of these categories seem related to the removal of the context, others to a search for certainty and control, and others to external and internal pressure leading to some forms of conformity (thanks to Michał Moroz for sharing insights that inspired these reflections).

7 Anti-Patterns categories