How to Comment or Contribute

What you need to know to add comments, suggest changes and add content to a wiki page.

To add a comment to a page in the federated wiki, you first create your own space in the wiki. And then you copy (fork) that page into your wiki space and add the comment to that copy.

# Editing the Content

How to edit a page adding comments and making changes.

# Page History and Revisions

The gray squares at the bottom of a page is in an area called the Journal. Click a square to see other versions of the page.

When you return to wiki you will want to remember what you changed on your site or what others have changed on their sites.

How to undo all the changes until an earlier version.

# Tracking Pages Changes

After you've edited a page you don't own (because it is in a federated wiki you don't own, or because you dragged and dropped it from another federated wiki but you haven't forked it yet), only you will see the changes. A yellow halo surrounds the page to warn you. See Local Changes to review or discard your work here.

The Flags above the page title show the forks of the page and their status (newer, same, older) from all the other federated wiki in the Neighborhood.

How to track changes locally as well as federation changes at once.

# Fork as the Mechanism to Comment and Contribute to Others' Pages

To add comments and contributions to a page of someone else's federated wiki, copy that page (Drag and Drop it into your federated wiki) and then fork that page. See how to Copy Pages.

I write in a neighborhood full of well named pages that make good links that complete thoughts. But when I cite them, I must check them, and then fork them if they are not already my own.

To accept and further comment or evolve someone else comments or contributions, copy back (or 'merge back') the desire content into your page.

# Learning More about the Wiki

Wiki is a hypertext. When you click a link you will go to that page. Here we have arranged the pages like rooms in an adventure game.

These pages chronicle the founding Smallest Federated Wiki project and report its early achievements with a series of short screencasts.

# Collaboration Workflows

Many simple things that could be a button in a centralized system turn into a series of steps in a federated wiki. We'll catalogue them here as we notice them.

# Other Federated Wiki in the Federation

Neighborhoods called up for the activity at hand outperform static structures no matter how well intentione

We collect here information about a social structure for coordinating activity across multiple wiki sites.

How to Find Sites that share with you.

Search the visible federation for pages matching all words entered. Case doesn't matter but spelling does.

List sites hosted within the origin's domain showing page counts and most recent activity.