How to navigate

Follow Links and use the browser's back and forward buttons just like in every other website.

Use left/right-arrow to scroll the lineup of pages.

# Additonal Tips for Frequent Visitors

Click a link to display the linked page. The linked page will replace the following pages on the right. Click also flags, actions, and buttons.

Shift-Click a link to add a page to the lineup. Same also for a flag, or an action.

Hover over a link to see where wiki will look. Same for a flag, an action, or a button.

Shift-hover over an item to see what actions apply.

Hover over a Journal action to see when.

How to Read History of any page.

How to Read Forks History of any page.

How to Find The Beginning of any site.

How to Search the site from the Footer.

How to Search Sites nearby the ones you've visited.

How to Find Sites that share with you.

How to use the Hamburger button for even more searches.