More on How to Comment or Contribute

# The User Interface of the Wiki

The user interface presents information in graphical forms. We often refer to these forms by the same names as the information.

# The Philosophy behind the Federated Wiki

We have concentrated on a small number of idealistic principles, beliefs even, while ignoring considerable established practice. Only by such intense focus can we expect to find fresh solutions to persistent problems.

We understand what a conversation is, how it can be conducted. We value good quality conversations that are respectful, in which each party deepens their learning and understanding. Yet we have little idea how to conduct such conversations across space.

A number of projects – such as Ethereum, ZeroNet and the SAFE Network—aspire to create ways to build websites and applications that don’t depend on a single server or company to keep running -

# The Philosophy behind Forking

A 'like' is a way of sharing attention with a new work and its author. We consider how federated wiki's 'fork' improves on the 'like' mechanism.

Profligate Copying as a foundation for creativity.

This wiki deviates from most others in that each participant in a collaboration is expected to own their own working space. You have options. We'll help.

Four distinct concerns surface when designing federated wiki based information communities. We identify each and suggest forces that must be resolved for creative collaboration.

Writing in the presence of rampant forking calls into question what it means to write and how to do it well.

How To for Wiki Admins

How to Host a Site to share your work.

How to Add Plugins to interpret new kinds of data.

How to Track Updates to software on this site.

How to Contribute Code to the federated wiki application.