The premises of the P2 Wiki

The theory is insufficient, the reality of the job is messy, to overcome these limitations a Community of Needs is essential to debate and evolve guiding principles.

In digital products and professional software development, there are not enough first or universal principles and theories yet that can inform all the important decisions professionals have to make.

This is why, as it is well known, this field and its professionals have to resort to guiding principles that are contextual, incomplete, and have exceptions to resolve unavoidable contradictions and inconsistencies.

In order to fill the gaps, make each context and its boundaries explicit, and share heuristics to deal with inevitable exceptions and inconsistencies, since the open-source and the Agile movements, all the professionals in this field debate and collaborate and advance their knowledge together. And this is what the P2 wiki is about. While we wait for more answers from Empirical Software Engineering, and we look at all the science that is available, we know from experience that this approach is the best we have today. It is effective and is much better than some of the exploitative industry initiatives such as the scalded frameworks like SAFE and outdated and ill-informed academic initiatives such as SEMAT.