Why a Federated Wiki

This Federated Wiki is a cutting-edge tool in the making that enables a new way of discussing and sharing and co-creating ideas.

It allows space for converging as well as diverging prospectives.

Every member of the community can fork, in her/his Federated Wiki space, and evolve every page and every concept, in any direction. And such contributions will be visible and accessible to everyone (with a click to the community members roster in the About Us section of the Welcome Visitors page, and so all the contributions will become searchable and the existing di-versions of every page will be visualised as Flags at the top of each page).

At the same time, the curators can merge any contribution deemed valuable back to this site providing an 'official' point of view. See The Philosophy behind Forking.

This new Federated Wiki tool also allows a new way to stay together as a community. See The Philosophy behind the Federated Wiki.